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About Us

Management Services Unlimited, Inc. (MSUI) is a provider of Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) services of non-primary business activity, but essential to business triumph.  We understand choosing a contact center is an extremely important decision for your business. With our experience and technology, we can build you a customized solution ensuring quality, accuracy, and efficiency.  Our customized approach makes support worry free. Whether you need general answering services, or high-end customer service to support a specific product, our team of highly qualified and experienced associates have the solution.  We always ensure to understand customer needs and provide them solutions to accomplish their goals.

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Brief History

Management Services Unlimited, Inc., started out as a spin off from its sister company in Chicagoland Illinois.  Its company management team have been executing its customer service operations since 2011 handling field service operations from a call center in Illinois.  Thus, Lab Express Corporation became the first client of our business. Having started several companies in Illinois, we were challenged with a lot of administrative tasks that needed to get done but had to be done exactly right. With us spread very thin on time and Chicago being as expensive as it is, we didn’t have the money or infrastructure to hire fulltime local employees, so we needed to be creative.  Benefitting from its partner Rex Argana’s over 20 year’s experience with outsourcing processes and training various customer service agents, there is no doubt our team are more than ready to handle our day to day tasks. The team are both trustworthy and capable of delivering on what was promised.  They are being very efficient when learning new tasks so we didn’t waste time, and the turnover needed to be very low because retraining staff was not an option for us.

At MSUI, we implement documented processes that adapts to customer needs, and have team managers receive training so they can act as a backup and retrain someone new, when the need arises.   After selecting multiple providers to test out their abilities, we ensure they all can comply with the process set forth, to implement customer requirement with guidance from a well-mannered management team, and their ability to restructure their operations based on customers’ requirements. From there we really focused on operational excellence of being able to deliver what we say we can do. We accomplished this by testing out a wide range of activities on ourselves and if those worked we would offer them to our clients. We take our work very seriously and have instilled in our culture to deliver our commitment. And that’s why we give the free trial so we can understand customers’ need and understand how to work together.  We trust in our ability to provide you the best BPO service you can find.  Some of our clients start on a month to month basis, and they eventually end up repurchasing our service each month. We look at this as a long-term integration with our clients and become the virtual extension of their company. Because they are trusting us and it does take a leap of faith to do that but we’re hopefully the right people for the job. And even if we’re not, we’re able to add some value even in the trail process.

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By outsourcing BPO services to a reliable outsourcing company, businesses can proficiently perform, manage, and monitor all the mission-critical functions in cost-efficient manner, which ensures consistent organizational growth and development. MSUI is one amongst BPO outsourcing companies that focuses on improving the efficiency of business functions. We help businesses in identifying, analyzing, and quantifying all the key indicators that can ensure organizational flexibility as well as entrepreneurial speed and agility.

Our BPO Services

  • Call center solutions
  • Data verification services
  • Market research services
  • Marketing services
  • Customer surveys
  • Lead generation services
  • Web-enabled services
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Answering Services

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